Price Plan

Intake Session

€60 / €85 (1 to 1½ hrs)

The parent or guardian meets with the play therapist for an initial intake / consultation session without the child. Parents are the most important adult in their child's life. It makes sense for parents to be actively included in the therapeutic process of play therapy. Parents play a vital role in accurate assessment, effective treatment planning and successful outcomes.

The aim of this meeting is to gather information relevant to the child's difficulties and to discuss the process of play therapy. An hour and a half is allocated for the consultation. The parent has the opportunity to discuss in detail the concerns they have for the child and explore the child's experiences and difficulties. The therapist can also provide parents with support. The intake session also provides the parent / carer with an opportunity to learn more about the way the therapist works, training and qualification.

As a parent you may feel frustrated, discouraged or powerless, as your child grows he or she will encounter stressful events that may lead to emotional or behavioural difficulties.

Play Sessions

€60 per Play Session (1 hr)

When the play therapist meets with the child they structured story / explanation of play therapy for the child.

When the child comes for play therapy the parent waits in the designated waiting area during the play therapy session, which provides emotional safety and support for the child, as they may need to check in with their mum or dad/carer/guardian.

Review Meetings

€60 per Review Meeting (midway through a block of 10 play sessions / future reviews).

As parents are involved in the play therapy process, you will be asked to attend regular reviews about your child's progress in which general information will need shared about your child's needs, feelings and what he/she may be communicating.

A review is held with parents halfway through the agreed number of sessions to give them general feedback on play sessions to date.


A report rate also applies if a report is required for professional purposes.