Core Values of Play Therapy

There are four core values to recognise in the process of Play Therapy

  • Confidentiality
  • Consent
  • Consistency and Commitment
  • Child Protection
  • Behaviour


Play therapy is relationship based. The power of the therapy comes from the strength of the relationship between the play therapist and child, the content of the session is confidential. I will not be able to discuss with you every detail of the session such as what your child played with. I will pass on information relating to themes of your child's play where it is appropriate to helping your child's healing.


Parent / carer must give written consent before play therapy can begin. Parents / carers will be expected to attend reviews after a number of sessions.

Consistency and Commitment

Play therapy sessions take place on a weekly basis for approximately an hour in a play room, the play therapist is committed to helping children express themselves, explore and make sense of the world in which they live in.

Child Protection

Play therapists adhere to child protection legislation and guidelines, as well as the ethical principles and codes of good practice set by IAPTP and practices within the safeguards of supervision.


During the course of therapy some children may get worse before they get better, don't be disheartened this simply means they are working through their issues and this behaviour will not last forever.

"One of the most characteristic & perhaps one of the most important changes in therapy is the bringing into awareness of experiences of which heretofore the child has not been conscious" Carl Rogers